About Leevon "Crashcut" Bennett

Leevon Bennett a.k.a “Crash Cut” has been a gospel singer since he could walk and religion was always a very important fixture with his family and their way of life. He has always had entertainment in his blood and used humor and his beautiful voice to make his mark in the world. He started off sharing his varying voice patterns with his family and then ventured out and shared it with the world. He has always been independent and has made his way through the gospel community to show his talent and perseverance to become the man he is today. He has won many awards for his talented voice and continues to strive to be number one in his community, his life and his family.

Mr. Bennett was born with plenty of love from his family which made it easy for him to show his love in his music. As a teenager he concentrated on his voice and practiced it in the church as a youth choir member and still visits his family’s church and performs today. He is very active in his family’s church, St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church in Vallejo California, and lends his talents by helping with the youth choir today. Leevon has been asked to perform at many local and bay area churches and his voice is known throughout the gospel community. He is friends with a lot of famous gospel singers and is invited throughout the country to perform.

Leevon put out two gospel albums early in the millennium entitled “You Are All I Ever Need “ and “Amen”, which he dedicated to his grandmother, Ida Bell Davis. Leevon will tell you she was his greatest inspiration and every time he performs she is cheering him on. In 2004 he released his third album, “Brotha Can I Pray For You”, and received a lot of praise from churches and the internet. Leevon can be found on Youtube and many other websites performing and showing the versatility of his singing voice combined with a little jazz and a whole lot of soul. Rev. John P. Kee heard a performance by Leevon and has invited him to perform in various churches and shows across the country.

Leevon has been asked to appear in a relief show in North Carolina in 2009 with Fred Hammond, Rev. John P. Kee and a variety of gospel singers to help with the relief efforts for the natural disasters that were occurring during that time. He has also been asked in 2010 to record a DVD with Pastor John Harris and many other celebrities that will be in stores very soon.

Leevon Bennett is a very inspirational and talented singer with versatility to adapt to any singing style that he strives for. He is very well known in his community and other communities in the Bay Area, and is making his mark across the country.

“ Exposing the truth Gospel Show.” 2008 Comcast of the Bay Area tv network channel 26, with host Zondre’ and co-host Crashcut

2010 Special guest Crashcut with hosts Phili Bryant and Little Mo in Baltimore MD.

Feb. 26, 2011 at St. Paul AME Church, in Vallejo CA, Crashcut’s CD release “ I am not Ashamed of the Gospel”

Oct. 8, 2011 “Best of the Best” music video done in the Bay Area and the new video will be done in Dec. 18, 2011. I have also been doing community work and outreach in the North and Bay area. “Best of the Best” was directed by Sandra Smith (Zondre’) and produced by Leevon Bennett (Crashcut)